Empowering Primary Care With Virtual Care

Empowering Primary Care With Virtual Care

The primary care system is a critical component of the healthcare system. It helps patients identify their health issues early, make sure they adhere to medication regimens, and even helps them manage chronic conditions. Primary care providers have difficulty delivering on their promise of continuity of care when patients whom a primary care provider is treating disengage from that relationship. These patients tend to seek treatment in urgent-care facilities and emergency rooms, making it difficult for primary doctors to meet their health-management objectives.

This is where virtual care comes to play...

Primary care practices that leverage virtual clinic services can address and close gaps in care, lower costs, improve clinical outcomes, and expand access to care. Virtual primary care delivers convenient, highly personalized, and always accessible care. A virtual visit with a provider can be completed in one visit for urgent needs and ongoing chronic condition management. By taking a proactive approach to patient care, virtual providers can more efficiently connect consumers to the proper care needed for each of them.

It also helps address challenges in traditional care and fill existing gaps. With it, People who have access to virtual care experience shorter wait times, increased face time with providers, earlier detection of chronic conditions—and all the benefits that come from comprehensive care coordination. This ultimately results in better access to convenient healthcare that drives high satisfaction, better outcomes, and lower overall costs.

Healthcare is a rapidly evolving ecosystem, and it is clear that to improve health outcomes, we must address consumers' needs and transform the quality of primary care by including virtual solutions in plan design.