The Top (But Easily Managed) Stressful Situation That Affects Most People at Work

The Top (But Easily Managed) Stressful Situation That Affects Most People at Work

Naturally, being in the professional world brings some ups and downs. Here I want to highlight the most expected moment where it is just so stressful, and you get the feeling of being mentally and physically crushed. But most importantly, how do you manage it to reduce your stress and anxiety:

Receiving Negative Feedback

Some people, especially those new to an industry or a place, sometimes start questioning themselves about their future in the company or career as a whole when they receive negative feedback that is very triggering to them even after work.

Negative Feedback is a Good Thing!

Indeed no one is perfect, but no one wants to feel like a failure.

So what? It means nothing if you do not attach a meaning to it. You decide what meaning it attaches to. Having some negative feedback may shed some light on aspects you did not know about or have missed. More importantly.. it's a way for improvement!

Perception is Reality

It doesn't matter if the person has the facts wrong. What matters is how that person has perceived it; therefore, that is the reality in which it can be very different from the one you are perceiving. Therefore, arguing with the person about the fact itself is difficult to establish because it is about the person's perception of it.

What you have to do is manage the perception that people have about you and your work in the workplace, so this situation come up less frequently.

Lastly, It is all about the mindset you are trying to adopt over time. You decide how to go further with it in the future and how it affects you.